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Screenshot 2023-01-25 at 22.02_edited.jpg

London's newest and most eccentric restaurant located in Berkley Square, Mayfair. 

We created these large sculptures for the exterior and interior of the restaurant, ranging from busts located throughout the restaurant to large scale sculptures above the entrance and within the members bar.

The sculptures start of as 3D models, and like most of the props we create they are then printed out in resin across multiple 3D printers, eventually all the prints are constructed together to form the entire sculpture

Screenshot 2023-01-25 at 22.17_edited.jpg

After all the prints are pieced together, every join and seam has to be smoothed out so no joint is visible, giving the sculpture a professional finish.

It's then time to prime the sculpture, this gives you the opportunity to see any blemishes in the sculpture before painting.

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