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Morgoth - The First Dark Lord


Woodsted Studios ‘Sovereign Collection’ Morgoth Statue.


Melkor is the most powerful of the Valar but he turns to darkness and is renamed Morgoth, the primary antagonist of Arda. All evil in the world of Middle-earth ultimately stems from him.

One of the Maiar of Aulë betrays his kind and becomes Morgoth's principal lieutenant and successor, Sauron.


This monster of a statue stands over a meter tall (104cm), features LED silmarils in the crown/helm, real functional chain mail, consists of 15 pieces that all interlock.


This piece takes around 5 months to create and is only available for commission only and on an extremely limited run given the time it takes to create.


A shipping quote will be provided directly.

Morgoth - Sovereign Collection - 104CM



    Every piece that 'Woodsted Studios' creates is accompanied by a Certificate  of Authenticity which guarantees the piece to be an authentic creation by us.  

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