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The One Sixth Scale - Galadhrim Warrior


Amongst this glittering host are the armies of Lothlórien, who only march to war in the very direst of circumstances. These Elves, known as the Galadhrim, are some of the finest warriors in all of Middle-earth. Equipped with finely crafted Elven bows, and long handeled swords, they are exceptional fighters that have held back the forces of darkness for many centuries.


This piece consists of: rooted hair headsculpt, functional bow, five wooden arrows, metal high elven warrior sword, real leather functional fabrics, a section of Helms deep base and a display plaque.


This piece also comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

One Sixth Scale - Galadhrim Warrior

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Every piece that 'Woodsted Studios' creates is accompanied by a Certificate  of Authenticity which guarantees the piece to be an authentic creation by us.  

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