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Rohan Royal Guard - One Sixth Scale

Hand picked from the very best warriors in all of Rohan, the Royal Guard were sworn to give their lives in the service of their king and to fight without fear. They wore intricately crafted heavy armor and carried the best weaponry that the armories of Rohan had to offer. They were the most promising warriors of the kingdom. During times of peace, they served primarily in Edoras guarding the doors to the Golden Hall.

Much like The Theoden 1:6, this was a hugely time consuming piece of work, but the results are fabulous! All of these Lord of the rings pieces are a joint effort between Andy at Mansion Props and myself.

This piece comes with a display stand, plaque and certificate of authenticity.

One Sixth Scale - Rohan Royal Guard

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Every piece that 'Woodsted Studios' creates is accompanied by a Certificate  of Authenticity which guarantees the piece to be an authentic creation by us.  

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