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Since 2016 Woodsted Studios has been operating in various creative industries including Film & Television and the high end collectors market. 

Now with the slow start to the Film Industry in 2024, we are taking this opportunity to run a few training workshops, to help newcomers gain some hands on experience, and an insight into what it takes to work in the film and tv world. 

These intensive one to one courses are either one, two or three days, depending on what area of interest you decide, so take a loot at what's on offer and get in contact if you require any further information.  

Join our immersive 3-day Prop Making Course and gain unparalleled insight into industry-level prop making, covering everything from the fundamentals to advanced techniques. This course provides a complete learning experience, including rotocasting, miniatures, and all the skills from days one and two, ensuring you are fully equipped to create screen-ready props.

Day One: SFX Painting Fundamentals

  • Introduction to SFX Painting: Grasp the basic principles of SFX painting, including colour theory, material selection, and surface preparation.

  • Texture Creation: Master techniques for creating realistic textures such as rust, wood grain, stone, and skin, enhancing the authenticity of your props.

  • Weathering and Aging: Learn methods to apply weathering effects, simulating wear and tear on various materials.

  • Colour Blending and Matching: Develop skills in blending and matching colours for seamless transitions and realistic effects.

  • Advanced Painting Techniques: Explore advanced methods like airbrushing, dry brushing, stippling, and special mediums to achieve unique visual effects.

Day Two: Moulding and Casting Mastery

  • Introduction to Moulding: Understand the basics of mould-making, including types of moulds (one-part, two-part, and multi-part) and materials used (silicone, latex, alginate).

  • Moulding Techniques: Learn various techniques such as block moulding, brush-on moulding, and glove moulding, with detailed guidance.

  • Casting Fundamentals: Dive into the casting process, from preparing moulds to selecting and working with casting materials like resin, plaster, and urethane.

  • Prop Casting: Gain hands-on experience casting props, mastering the nuances of different materials to achieve optimal results.

  • Finishing Touches: Combine your painting and casting skills to finish cast props with realistic textures and effects.

Day Three: Advanced Prop Making Techniques

  • Rotocasting: Learn the intricacies of rotocasting to create hollow, lightweight props that maintain structural integrity.

  • Miniature Creation: Discover the art of crafting detailed miniatures, essential for creating convincing scale models and intricate set pieces.

  • Project Workflow: Experience the complete workflow of an industry-level prop making workshop, from receiving a brief to delivering a screen-ready piece.

  • Professional Insights: Gain insider knowledge on managing projects, collaborating with production teams, and meeting industry standards.

  • Final Project: Apply everything you've learned to create a professional-grade prop, receiving feedback and guidance from our experienced instructors.

Why Choose Our Course?

  • Expert Instructors: Learn from industry professionals with extensive experience in prop making, moulding, casting, SFX painting, rotocasting, and miniatures.

  • Hands-On Learning: Engage in practical exercises and projects that simulate real-world scenarios, allowing you to apply your new skills immediately.

  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Cover everything from the basics to advanced techniques in just three days, providing you with a thorough understanding of the entire process.

  • Professional Insights: Benefit from tips and tricks from seasoned experts, helping you avoid common pitfalls and achieve professional-quality results.

By the end of this intensive 3-day course, you will have mastered a wide range of prop-making techniques and be fully prepared to create high-quality, screen-ready props. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced artist looking to refine your skills, this course offers invaluable knowledge and practical experience to advance your career in the creative industry.

Enroll now and transform your prop-making abilities with our comprehensive 3-Day Prop Making Course.

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